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Geldeston Village Hall Annual General Meeting 2020



Loraine Loffstadt (Chairperson), Keith Loffstadt (Treasurer),
Stephanie Robertson (Secretary), Ian Ansell, Dave Shave.

PRESENT FRIENDS:- Jim Taylor, David Rowntree, Jackie Shave, Paul Sweetman.

Committee: Barbara Ashfield, Johnny Crowfoot
Friends: Julie Dawnay, Veronica Sweetman

Loraine welcomed those attending.

The minutes were approved, proposed by Ian Ansell, seconder Stephanie Robertson. All in favour.

Hand rails (outside kitchen) have been fitted and bike rack installed.
This year's Norfolk Day to be looked into by the new Committee when any information is available.

- Chairperson's Report
- Treasurer's Report
Keith circulated his Management Report (See Below) for the Financial Year 2019. A summary of accounts was also presented, both for submission to the Charity Commission.
These were approved by the Committee on Monday 2nd March 2020, proposed by Dave Shave, seconder Johnny Crowfoot. All in favour.

Jackie Shave gave a report on the running of the films for the first season. This was well received showing a good progress made. Thanks were also given to those who had set up the new equipment including the sound buffers now in the hall.
Another benefit, it was thought, that people drawn in for film nights were attracting extra bookings for hiring the Hall.

The very popular Scarecrow trail is planned to run again in 2021.
The matter of a donation to the Tidings magazine will be discussed at the first meeting of the new Committee. With increasing demand for private hire of the Village Hall an improved booking system is a priority for the Committee (reference Chairperson's report)

Existing Committee members all stood down and resigned from office. All Committee members present were proposed, seconded and voted on unanimously as Trustees on the Committee.
Barbara Ashfield (apologies for absent) confirmed to the Chair to remain on the committee and she was proposed, seconded and voted on unanimously so remains a Trustee.

Johnny Crowfoot had notified Loraine that he would wish to continue on the Committee as a representative of two user's groups – the annual Produce Show and the weekly Yoga class. This was agreed on.

David Rowntree was duly elected onto the Committee and is now a Trustee.

The General Meeting of the new Committee followed.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 7.15pm.

Geldeston Village Hall Management Report for 2019

2019 saw the return of a more normal period for the Hall after the completion of its major refurbishment. This is reflected in the accounts as they returned to straightforward income and expenditure without the complication of project funding.

Turnover for 2019:-
As a result of the improvements made to the Hall there has, as anticipated, been an increase in the utilisation with new activities appearing and more regular hire for social functions. A hire income of £3,752 shows a marked increase over previous years despite the hire rates having been maintained at pre-refurbishment levels.
Income from internal fundraising and donations totalled £4,343 reflecting the wonderful continuing support of the community and visitors for which the committee extend their sincere thanks. The level of support has enabled us, as proposed last year, to give back to the community in the form of free or subsidised events such as the Kiddies disco, the Christmas Party and the January and Halloween Pantomimes all of which have been a great success. Income generating events such as the scarecrow trail and comedy night continue to support these others and we look forward to a busy events calendar in the coming year.
At the end of the year we showed a reduction in the cash funds over the year of £1472 but this has been justified by a significant capital expenditure of £4,575. The major part of this was to provide a new and much improved projection system for the Film Screening and to fit sound damping greatly improving sound quality within the hall for film shows, music and stage events and also the general ambience. To prepare for future summer events picnic tables and a barbecue have also been purchased. No further major capital expenditure is anticipated in the foreseeable future.

With a warm, dry and energy efficient hall presenting a welcoming ambience we are seeing an increase in usage and the attendant income which we would anticipate to further improve in the coming year. The investment made in sound and vision improvement has already shown an increased attendance at Film shows and a band of enthusiastic volunteers ensures that these will continue without the load falling on one person’s shoulders. An updated website is now in place and viewing figures are steadily climbing. We look forward therefore, with strong village support, to enjoying a financially sustainable future.

We have entered 2020 in a healthy financial position, a comfortable current account balance and an adequate contingency reserve. The aim of presenting an attractive, well appointed and sustainable Hall has been achieved demonstrated by increased utilisation. The committees focus will now be to maintain this status quo whilst continuing wherever possible to increase inclusion and participation and to support a range of functions benefiting all sectors of our community.

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