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Minutes of a Meeting of Geldeston Residents
Concerning Traffic Management

Please note this action is not directly related to the village hall we have just placed the minutes of the meeting on the website to enable everyone to have a convenient place from which to see them

The Meeting was chaired by Loraine Loffstadt and attended by 26 residents. Village Residents to discuss and address the concerns regarding speeding traffic in the village. Further topics would include concerns regarding persons Driving without due care and attention and the dangers posed by inappropriate parking.

John Crowfoot pointed out that these issues were of long standing with historic records of deaths and three more recent serious injuries on Old Yarmouth Road – residents also have accounts of numerous lesser incidents and Near Misses affecting pedestrians, cyclists and riders within the village. The general opinion was that the speed on GYR needs to be reduced to 40 mph to ensure safety for those exiting from West End and other many entrances along this road including the The old Rectory and the Church.

The chair opened the meeting with a Presentation of Recent Speeding Statistics drawn from data recorded by the SAMS speed camera which is intermittently located in various locations around the village. This camera is utilized on a part time basis, being shared with the neighboring village of Ellingham/Kirby Cane on a two months rotation.

Ian Ansell who has the responsibility for the SAMS gave a breakdown of the current available locations some of which presently only allow recording in a single direction.:-
The current positions of the SAMS are close to Mandy’s Pickles, the Green Project, Geldeston Hill, Station Road (between Three Rivers and Locks Lane Entrances) and The Street. Of these, the last two are generally believed to be in the spots most affected by speeding within the 30 MPH zone.

Ian having demonstrated some of the data captured, including Time, date, speed and the breakdown recording the percentages of vehicles exceeding the limit, the most hazardous times of day and the maximum speeds recorded in a particular location. On The Street this maximum recorded speed was 60MPH. It was agreed that a permanent one just for our village needs purchasing and this to be put to the Geldeston PC.

Ian, in response to Peter Salt replied that it was a simple task to enable the SAMs to face in any direction. He told the meeting the SAMS will be moved to the location adjacent to Wester Waveney this week.

Loraine stated that the first step toward controlling speeding was to re-initiate a speed-watch in the village and encouraged volunteers to complete the forms supplied to join the Speed-watch team.

Speed-watch, however was only one step toward addressing road safety in our village and other issues need discussion including :- More regular Camera deployment and publication of data, Speed awareness signage/ posters/ leaflets/Tidings, Traffic Calming measures eg Humps/ Entrance gates , 20 MPH is plenty signs in the rest of the village besides Kells Way, Demonstrations of pride in our village, involvement of outside organizations and the active support of the police.

The meeting was opened to questions and comments : -

  • Can we apply to Highways for a permanent SAM for use exclusively by Geldeston ? (Action – Parish Council)
  • Can we explore Traffic Calming Measures? Question was asked if we could find out what criteria led to Ellingham Installing a chicane.
  • KL – Recent data shows that over a 12 day period in January, 25% of vehicles travelling along The Street exceeded the speed limit by a significant margin with a maximum speed of 50MPH.
  • JF – Asked whether we could apply for a 20MPH limit – Further research needed
  • LL – We need to start our efforts small but gain momentum – additional measures to include leafleting through doors, conversations with families and talks with particularly, delivery drivers. “People Power” was needed to move improvements forward.
  • RW – What are the criteria required for traffic calming?
  • SS and RW – Quiet Lane applications should be investigated – Action?? (Contacts below)
  • LL – In answer to queries re the effectiveness of speed-watch responded that experience had shown that it was effective in reducing speeding and raising driver awareness.
  • JC – With reference to speed-watch – conversations need to be had re the danger to team participators
  • PS and AW – Old Yarmouth Road is known to be a dangerous area but has no speed limit: We need to measure the traffic density to progress any control measures. This could be done with traffic management rubber strips. Action: Parish Council
  • IA – stressed the need to campaign politely and provide the police with sufficient data to encourage them to monitor speed in the village.
  • LL – Suggests that our commitment to our village may be demonstrated by Picket “Gates” at each village entrance. There might be a need for a planning application prior to investigating funding – Action : Parish Council
  • 7.5 tonnes appears to be being ignored so to be included in our village traffic problems.

Other Issues

Campervan/Caravan Traffic

It was noted that the Campsite helped to discourage caravans and camper vans from entry/exit at the site via the narrow road toward Ellingham Mill on their website and by signage.


Parking -close to the corner of The Street and Big Row creates danger through obstruction of the view when exiting Big Row. It also results in Public and School buses being unable to drop passengers safely at the bus stop, often dropping students in the middle of the road. A marked “Bus Bay” and possibly yellow lines on the corner need to be addressed. Action : Parish Council

Old Yarmouth Road

Currently de-restricted, this road presents a number of hazards. Including many blind entries/exits at West End, from properties along the road, junctions at Geldeston Hill and Stockton Road, West End, Heath Lane, the church and the Old Rectory. Traffic moves at high speeds along this road and it was proposed, and strongly supported, that it should be subject to, at least, a 40MPH speed restriction within the village boundaries this would create a much safer exit from the above properties.

Kells Way Saffron Development

Strong views were expressed regarding the extra traffic that would be created through the historic heart of the village by plans to create access/egress to the proposed extension of the Kells estate. As raised during previous development consultations it is strongly believed by many residents that this access should be direct to Old Yarmouth Road via a proper visibility splay speed restricted as above . The idea for not only the construction traffic but also the many extra resident vehicles exiting on to Geldeston Hill was objected strongly.


As mentioned earlier, Geldeston residents have a strong pride in their village and make efforts to maintain its appearance. This is becoming increasingly hampered by the expansion of the Fast-food Outlets/drive-throughs at the A143/146 roundabout. Peter Salt volunteered to liaise with the management of these businesses to seek their co-operation in controlling this blight.

The meeting closed at 20.45- E-mail addresses were requested for persons wishing to receive data captured by SAMS. Loraine Loffstadt committed to coordinating follow-up of issues raised and Peter Salt volunteered as Spokesperson/Lobbyist with the various third parties concerned.

We also have signed 100 forms from a survey held within the community to support the issues discussed.

It was agreed to seek a meeting with County/District Councillors and Highways to discuss our concerns.

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